"No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted." - Aesop

During the month of July, Action Behavior Centers engaged in a positivity challenge across regions and centers. This was an exciting way to embrace positive acts in three categories: positive acts for our teammates, positive acts for our community, and positive acts for our families. 

Each time teammates completed the challenge, they were added to a Positivi-Tree in their center: an art project that was expanded upon during the month of July. 

Below are some of their stories.

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 of Frisco decided to surprise her Clinical Director, Bridget Morgan, with some of her favorite treats prior to her next vacation! She wrote her a card alongside her gifts to remind her to have an amazing time & that her team will miss her.

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Abigail Almaraz, Senior CAA of Far West spreads good cheer through her center with her iced tea bar! What a wonderful way to cool off in the summer heat.


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Let's Spread Positivity... One Can At A Time!

Kaleena Q. of North Tucson created a canned food drive to support her local community. She challenges Esmeralda Carrillo of Arrowhead Ranch to complete the challenge next!


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Stephanie Dando shows off her center's Positivi-Tree: a place where teammates and families can leave kind notes to one another during the month!

Stephanie has partnered with Ben's Bells: a local organization with the goal of spreading kindness to others. Ben's Bells creates unique ceramic ornaments that are hung in communities throughout the world.


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North Plano shows off their "Positivi-Tree", an art project that will be expanded upon as teammates engage in our Positivity Challenge during the month of July. 🌳

Mary Coleman, CAA, created a center-wide initiative to craft inspirational cards for their local senior center, made by both teammates and kiddos. 💚💙

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Amanda Davis, DFW Core Value All-Star, shares a positive moment she created during her lunch break this week.

"I was going to pick up breakfast from Chick-Fil-A for my team when I realized that the person in front of me left their card in the card reader. I was able to track them down so they could get their card and their lunch! I find the majority of my joy comes through serving others, so it brought me great joy to prevent stress from occurring for a stranger!"


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Nadine Tran jumps on the positivity train by surprising her teammates with a special treat! Today, July 13th is National French Fry Day, and Nadine thought it would be an excellent idea to celebrate this holiday the best way possible: by bonding over french fries with her teammates!


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Sarah Nicole Gleason starts off the positivity train by hosting a food drive for Cimarron Path! She writes, "We’ve already had 92 items donated between teammates and families! Our donations will be going to the UTSA student pantry here in San Antonio! Many teammates attend or have attended so it’s a wonderful way to give back to not only our community but also to local students. I can’t wait to see our end result in two weeks!"


How do you honor the Power of Positivity at home or at work?

We'd love to know in the comments!

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