At Action Behavior Centers, our BCBAs truly matter to us. 


You’re interviewing us as much as we’re interviewing you!


For far too long, the job interview process has been one-sided with candidates being asked to jump through hoops as they are interviewed by prospective employers - when it's the candidate who has the most at stake as they consider a job change.


Below are some important questions to ask potential employers during your job search.


1 - How many clients are on the BCBAs caseload?

Having a smaller caseload allows you to focus and deliver the highest quality of care.

At Action, we believe our BCBAs are paramount to our organization, and because of this, we maintain caseloads of 8-10. ABC chooses to keep the caseload small for BCBAs so they are each able to conduct ample supervision for their team of BTs and RBTs while continually updating treatment plans.

2 - Is there a non-compete agreement?

Non-compete agreements are unnecessary when signing on to a new company as a BCBA. ABC believes BCBAs should have the freedom and flexibility to make their own decisions and we do not sign non-competes. The core of our organization is built around helping children on the spectrum, and we strive to support our staff in their endeavors to do so. 

3 - What are your opportunities for continued learning?

ABC is proud to have a clinical advisory council - composed of highly esteemed mentors which provide guidance and education to our BCBAs. Our Chief Clinical Officer, Dr. Charna Mintz, BCBA-D, holds regular CEU events to continue our investment and dedication to career development and learning for our BCBAs. Each BCBA receives a stipend for continuing education to empower their journey as a lifelong learner.

4 - How do you support my career development?

Our team wants you to grow with us, and we’re proud to honor and recognize your accomplishments and achievements. Many of our employees began their careers as Behavioral Therapists and have gone on to work as Senior BCBAs, Assistant Clinical Directors, Clinical Directors and Regional Clinical Directors! ABC provides a plethora of opportunities to maximize your skills and expand your career horizons. 

5 - How much PTO or vacation time is awarded?

Time off is necessary for restoring your energy levels and mental wellbeing. Burnout in the field is real. At Action, we reward our BCBAs for their hard work by giving ample opportunities for vacation. BCBAs have 15 days of PTO, plus there are about 12-13 days (depending on how holidays fall during the week) of other holidays that are off and paid. Additionally, one BCBA per month is nominated and awarded for a paid vacation via our Restore program. 

6 - How do you define your company vision and culture?

We’re here because we want to provide a strong foundation for children with Autism and everything we do centers around this mission. Our culture is one in which your mental, physical & emotional wellbeing is our priority because we understand you cannot pour from an empty cup. At ABC, our core values are Caring, Fun, Team, Learning & Excellence - and we embody these through acts of service, fun events, continuous learning opportunities, team-building events, and more. We want to do the very best we can for the kids we serve, and be the very best place for BCBAs to work

7 - How do you handle insurance?

ABC has a centralized insurance team which handles all onboarding and ongoing paperwork for your team. Insurance is another task we believe can be handled outside of your work in order to better support you in focusing on what you do best!

8 - What administrative tasks am I responsible for?

Each BCBA has an administrative support team to handle tasks in customer service, planning and scheduling, and more. 

Do you have additional questions you would like answered? 

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