In a momentous gathering, nearly 1000 clinical and operational leaders from around the country will gather in Dallas for the highly anticipated 2023 Leadership Summit: Igniting Action - Sparked by Purpose. Fueled by Learning. Energized by Impact. 

At Action Behavior Centers, we believe exceptional leadership plays a vital role in making a positive impact on the children we serve in the autism community. 

From July 14th-16th, Action Behavior Centers will be hosting their annual Leadership Summit in Dallas, TX. Our annual Leadership Summit remains a cornerstone of our commitment to developing outstanding leaders, and this year we’ve taken it a step further to expand our focus on community engagement and giving back. 

This year's summit, themed "Igniting Action," aims to inspire leaders to not only foster personal and professional growth but also contribute to making a positive impact in the communities we serve. 

A huge highlight of this year's Leadership Summit is our exceptional community event, where 1,000 helping hands will help build bikes and donate them to YMCAs across Dallas. We deeply acknowledge the significance of equal opportunities for all children, irrespective of their circumstances. 

In line with our commitment to making a positive impact, we have also partnered with the Global Autism Project to increase global access to Responsive Skills Training (RST). RST is one of the most exciting new projects launched by Global Autism Project, whereas clinicians get access to RBT or equivalent training focused on lived experience modules and co-created by members of the autistic community.  ABC set a goal to send 200 service providers to this training. 

For our teammates, we plan to infuse special touches and thoughtful gestures to pour into one another as well as a curated lineup of speakers who will deliver insightful sessions on various aspects of leadership. 

In "THINK AGAIN," Sharon Alpizar, Chief Peoples Officer, and Hannah Azhang, Director of Teammate Experience, will guide participants in exploring the power of knowing what they don't know. They will emphasize the importance of fostering mental flexibility to enhance relationships and decision-making. 

After this, the session "LEADING FROM THE FRONT" will be led by Charna Mintz, BCBA-D, Jacqueline Baker, Market Leader, and Ashley Clement, Sr. Director of Training, focusing on the necessary shift in leadership skills when transitioning to leading through others. They will highlight the use of positive reinforcement to bring out the best in people. 

Then Curt Daniels, Market Leader, and Veronica Figueroa, Market Leader, will share insights in "IMPACT PLAYERS 2.0," discussing how leaders can either drain or amplify the capabilities and intelligence of their teams. 

Lastly, Craig Ford and Deborah Prater, Regional Directors of Operations, will address building connections in the workplace through small shifts in practice in their session on "CONNECTION IN THE WORKPLACE." These sessions promise to equip participants with valuable knowledge and strategies to ensure a sense of belonging amongst one another. 

Our special time together will end with our sacred Night of Honor, where select ABC teammates are honored for their relentless pursuit of our mission, vision and values. 

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