At Action Behavior Centers, we are excited to announce that we are now accepting enrollments in our After School ABA Treatment Program offered in select locations* - waitlist-free. Our after-school program will be available Monday - Friday for children ages 5 and up and held after school from 3:30 pm - 6:30 pm. It will provide enrolled kiddos 15-20 hours of ABA therapy each week. Kiddos participating in this program will receive 1:1 therapy to target language, social,  and independence skills to increase their success within their school setting. 

Here are three major benefits of enrolling a child into our after-school aba treatment program:

Social Skills

This treatment program will offer school-age children on the autism spectrum an environment to learn and interact with their peers. Our kiddos will work one-on-one with their therapist to learn important social skills such as:

  • Practicing good sportsmanship
  • Understanding friendships
  • And understanding peer preferences.

School Success

Our kiddos will practice working on the skills needed to help them succeed in a school setting. They will learn how to: 

  • Attend to instructions
  • Complete tasks independently
  • Learn school routines
  • And learn how to retain the information that they are being taught.

Communication Skills

What’s more, the program will teach kiddos vital communication skills. They will work on:

  • Conversation skills
  • Learning how to ask meaningful questions
  • Learning how to use language to learn
  • And comprehending both verbal and non-verbal communication. 

Our clients will experience success with ongoing parent training, consistent access to quality aba therapy, and a collaborative, therapeutic approach with Teachers, SLPs, PT, and OTs. 

Age Group Organization

Much like a standard school setting, groups of similarly aged kiddos who will be following the same daily schedules will be created. For example, kiddos ages 2-4 will have their own designated time in the gym as will our 7-9-year-old kiddos. All patients will continue to receive 1:1 therapy ratios throughout the day.  

The centers will also create staggered schedules to help prevent the lobby areas from having both younger and older kiddos present at the same time. 

How To Enroll

To find out if your local center offers an after-school ABA treatment program or to learn more about enrolling, contact us at

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