At Action Behavior Centers, we believe parents, educators, and individuals on the Autism Spectrum can largely benefit from the variety of insightful and educational autism-related blogs across the internet. ABC is here to highlight some of today’s top blogs on all things Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy, and living with ASD.

Action Behavior Centers is a Texas-based ABA therapy provider for children on the Autism Spectrum. A main goal of ABC is to raise autism awareness and educate both local and online communities on ASD. 

Below are ABC’s selections for the Top 25 Autism Blogs in 2020 (in no particular order) to help others stay connected and informed. Some of these high quality blogs made last year’s line-up of autism blogs too! These carefully curated resources are loved and praised by parents, teachers, and professionals in the autism community.

Best Autism Blogs of 2020

Autism Care Today

Autism Care Today strives to encourage every child with autism to reach their highest potential. ACT is a national non-profit organization with a lot of passion to raise awareness and encourage treatment. The goal of ACT’s blog is to help encourage not only individuals on the spectrum, but their families as well! Follow their blog to be kept up to date with national events, information from several authors, and links to autism resources for therapy tips and tricks!

American Autism Association

With multiple blog posts each month, the American Autism Association posts quality articles related to current issues and accomplishments in the autism community. The organization also highlights recreational workshops, educational programs, and volunteer opportunities.

Autism Adventures

Melissa Finch is a former special education teacher who runs the popular blog “Autism Adventures.”  The purpose of her blog is to create and share the “adventures” used in her classroom settings to reach every child. Her blog posts range from academics, communication, and even monthly themed activities to implement in the home or classroom. Melissa is a great source for sensory activities, reinforcers, and special education teacher tips!

Autism Awareness Centre Inc.

Maureen Bennie is the author of a news blog and co-authored books, and her work has been recognized in magazines, newsletters and websites all around North America. Maureen is a mother of two young adults with autism and manages their intensive Behavioral Intervention Programs (BIP). Maureen also finds time to write weekly blog posts detailing personal parenting experiences to coverage of top news and events surrounding the ASD community. 

Autism Parenting Magazine

The well-known Autism Parenting Magazine, which many individuals on the spectrum or in the autism community read, is also a blog!  Here, the Autism Parent Magazine publishes articles focused on issues that affect those with ASD and varying topics. 

Autism Resources & Community
The Autism Resources and Community (ARC) blog offers a place to browse educational ideas, therapy resources, and ABA therapy ideas to implement in education! Their goal is to promote positive special education learning activities. ARC values their readers’ feedback.

Autism With A Side of Fries

Eileen is a mother who has not let her son’s diagnosis influence her inspiring point of view on life. This lighthearted and passionate mom uses her blog to share her daily triumphs and challenges. She loves reminding her readers that laughter really is a cure all. So, if you need a pick me up during your day, this blog will most likely do the trick!

Carrie Cariello, Exploring the Colorful World of Autism

This informative blog is managed by book writer, public speaker, and blogger Carrie Cariello. Exploring the Colorful World of Autism details life with Carrie and her five kids. She writes about her kiddos, autism, marriage, and so much more! 

Different Brains

Different Brains is all about diversity and provides resources for individuals on the autism spectrum as well as individuals with other neurological diagnoses. Different Brains also has a podcast! A fun fact about Different Brains is they are actually a nonprofit here to promote acceptance and understanding into neurodiversity. Their ultimate goal is to end the stigma and advocate for mental health.

Faith, Hope, and Love…With Autism

Faith, Hope, and Love..With Autism shares the experiences of a non-verbal boy named Phillip, from his own point of view. The blog is written personally by Phillip and allows him to use a different voice to reach others. Follow along for his day-to-day experiences, travel adventures, as well as his faith journey which keeps him afloat. Phillip’s blog is truly unique as it is a first-hand take of an individual on the spectrum navigating the world.

Finding Cooper’s Voice

With over 300,000 likes on Facebook, multiple viral videos, and a feature on Jimmy Fallon, Kate Swenson has swept the nation with her blog Finding Cooper’s Voice. You’ll find multiple heart-wrenching blog posts, photos, and videos on her easy-to-navigate website. Finding Cooper’s Voice was created by Kate in hopes of establishing a village of support within the autism community. Follow along her journey, as well as many guest appearances from families all around the world! 

Friendship Circle

Friendship Circle is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing resources for a variety of special needs children, including those on the spectrum. The Friendship Circle’s blog features a variety of categories including parenting, education, training, and therapy tips. Many blog posts include sensory toys and activity guides for special needs children as well. 

Four Plus and Angel

The goal of Jessica’s blog is to be a resource for parents of children on the Spectrum. From opening up about the loss of a child to raising a teenager on the Spectrum, Jessica shares her family’s unique journey with the world. Jessica no longer blogs strictly about autism because she is firm that it no longer defines who they are, but she continues to advocate and provide hope for other parents through her encouraging and empowering posts.

I Love ABA!

The website I Love ABA! shares tips and tricks from a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) in Georgia. She focuses on the principles of ABA, or Applied Behavior Analysis, in relaxed and understandable lingo. I Love ABA! gives individuals and parents a deeper look into a BCBA’s view on treating individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder. 

National Autism Resources

National Autism Resources provides research-based therapeutic tools, such as toys, games, electronics, and books suggested by adults on the spectrum. They serve the community with the latest materials to help with communication. National Autism Resources provides tools to help students focus on their goals and learn what is expected in a neurotypical setting. 

Organization for Autism Research

The Organization for Autism Research (OAR) is a non-profit organization led by a board of parents, autism professionals and scientists in the Scientific Council. OAR aims to produce science-based, community-focused research. Not only does the OAR provide a blog with informative content, but also scholarships, grants, and employment opportunities for individuals on the spectrum. 

Play Project

The Play Project is a fun and user-friendly website filled with creative resources for parents, educators, and professionals. The Play Project’s blog presents a variety of fun and lighthearted articles from arts and crafts tips to getting children ready for kindergarten. 

Rainbows Are Too Beautiful

Ann, author of Rainbows Are Too Beautiful, sheds light on life with her neurotypical children and her child on the autism spectrum. She promotes more than autism awareness: autism understanding! Though her main focus is on autism, Ann touches on ADHD, anxiety, and sleep issues as well.  Ann is from the United Kingdom, and her work has been published in UK newspapers and several online publications! 

Sensory Spectrum

The Sensory Spectrum is a resourceful online sensory community. Sensory Spectrum’s author is a mom who wanted to create a communal page to make research and news coverage easily accessible for all. She also offers email newsletters including articles, book recommendations, and even her favorite Pinterest ideas for sensory activities! 

The Art of Autism

The Art of Autism’s vision is to be able to connect and empower individuals on the spectrum and bring awareness and acceptance through art and creativity. The website publishes blog posts from many different passionate authors on the spectrum and features their blogs, poems, and art work.

The Autism Dad

Father of three kids on the spectrum, Rob Gorski’s blogging journey began in 2010 as a way to share the raw emotions he faced daily raising his boys. His mission is “to show others of similar circumstances that they are not alone, while at the same time, educating the rest of the world as to what Autism families can experience daily.”

The AWEnesty of Autism

Kate’s philosophy behind her blog, The AWEnesty of Autism, is to keep it real, raw, and AWEnest while laughing, loving and living! Her blog follows her life as a mother to three children, one of whom is on the autism spectrum. Kate’s blog covers many important topics, including bullying, travel, holidays, and so much more! 

The Mom Kind

The Mom Kind, also known as Alicia Trautwein, is an inspiring mom who reaches more than the ASD community! Three of Alicia’s children are diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum, and she shares her incredible story of raising her children while also on the spectrum herself. Her main goal is to teach others about neurodiversity. Together, her and her husband are sure to provide readers with lots of laughs. Alicia is a very interactive blogger and fills her website with resources ranging from craft time, autism “jeans,” and how to have some of those tougher conversations!  

The Autism Blog- Seattle Children’s

Seattle Children’s Autism Center offers an up-to-date and active blog allowing caregivers to engage with experts on the topic of Autism Spectrum Disorder. The blog features topics like selecting summer camps for special needs children, sibling support, and the most recent research findings. Keep up with the latest news from the doctors themselves!

The Autism Society of Texas 

The Autism Society of Texas connects with families and individuals to provide a variety of resources and events for those in the autism community. The Autism Society of Texas offers support meetings, networking opportunities, and family activities in the state of Texas. 

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